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A simple, intuitive and secure App that gives you complete control over your Money.


Track All your Bank Accounts, Credit cards & E-wallets at one place

A completely safe and convenient way to track all your bank accounts, credit cards and e-wallets live at one place. More importantly, you do not have to share any passwords!

Fiscus gives you realtime balances for your accounts and outstanding dues for your credit cards. You can see detailed transaction wise statements for any of your accounts. The advanced settings option allows you to link debit cards, tag accounts as personal / business and un-follow accounts you are not interested in tracking

All you need to do is just download the App.

"This is amazingly convenient. Now I don’t have to see all my accounts and cards in 5 different apps!"

  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher

Monitor & Manage Your Expenses, Income & Monthly Budgets.

Now tracking and managing your Expenses & Earnings is easier than ever!

With very little manual intervention, Fiscus allows you to categorize your spends, see live reports for the current month, view expense trends for previous months or year, view expenses at transaction level or tag expenses as Business / Personal. You can do the same with your earnings too.

What’s more? You can easily setup monthly budgets for tracking your actual spends against budgeted amount

All you need to do is just download the App.

"I have been struggling to find a good expense manager app. The ones available are either too complex or require a lot of daily input. Fiscus makes this task so simple and yet so informative. The budget tracking feature is also very helpful."

  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher

Fiscus is your one-stop Personal Finance Manager.

It gives you what you have desired for so long….the control on your Money



Fiscus applies AI/ ML and advanced parsing techniques to interpret your transaction SMS in a safe an automated manner so that you can use all our features with as little manual intervention as possible.


Fiscus deploys 256 bit encryption i.e. bank grade security to secure your information. We do not seek any of your account passwords or access any other sensitive transactional information


Our interactive dashboard coupled with AI powered notifications and reminders ensure you are on the top of your game at all times


Find everything you need to know about your money at one place i.e. All Account Balances, Bills, Expenses & Income details. New Features coming soon!

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Fiscus applies deep learning and analytics abilities to generate simple and actionable reports ranging from bird’s eye view to very detailed drill down reports

It’s time to take the control in your hands

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